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Shaun O\'Connell ,     Dated:  18.04.08   Time:  18:52 Web: www.alliance4justice.eu
Country:  England  City: Portsmouth  State: Hampshire
Rating: Evil"  Judge: HHJ Milligan  Court: Circuit Judge family and criminal
From December 1997 to November 2004, he dealt with my family case. His wrongdoing was blatant and included inventing a hearing that had never taken place, denying daytime wetting in my daughter dspite being given pediatric notes to prove it, refusing evidence, accepting a one and a half page letter from a psychiatrist to her solicitor as a report on fitness for residence having seen her medical records when the psychiatrist was never informed of the court order and never saw the parents or any evidence filed in Court. He finally lost his rag telling me \'come back to me in a different frame of mind and anything may be possible.\' He was removed from my case in April 2005 by the court of appeal on spurious grounds to cover up

Shaun O\'Connell,     Dated:  01.05.08   Time:  19:39 Web: www.alliance4justice.eu
Country:  UK  City: Portsmouth  State: 
Rating: Evil"  Judge: Lord Justice Wall  Court: Court of Appeal
He ignored breach of the rules by the High Court making an order of the Court\'s own motion without giving me the right to contest the order and thus allowed a half day direction\'s hearing change to a half day final hearing. he ignored the legal and factual arguments after a seven week delayed reserved Judgement and handed down the jUdgement on my duaghter\'s birhtday out of spite. On a second Appeal as the first decision was obtained by fraud he then heard an Appeal against his own decision in breach of the longstandin rule that no judge shall sit on his own case. He happily admits the family Courts destroys people yet continues his barbaric scheme

Linda McDermott,     Dated:  01.05.08   Time:  20:24 Web:
Country:  United Kingdom  City: Luton  State: Bedfordshire
Rating: Evil"  Judge:  Mrs J Mac Gregor  Court: First Avenue House
This Judge did not understand the medical evidence was given by an Expert who stepped outside her field ,the expert gave the judge evidence which was documented in the advice for appeal as being factually incorrect .Mac Gregor went on to dismiss without reason the evidence of pathology provided by the other EW\'swho verified that the mother did have genuine medical complaints and not Stomatiose disorder . She made errors in the reading at the time she was reading out a summary on the final hearing. The overall critical point is she did not consider the harm it would do to remove a child who was so critically ill with a life threatening disease from his mother who was the sole care all of his life.
She was inhuman to have taken such draconian and petty action and misuse of the law in closed court.

linda McDermott,     Dated:  01.05.08   Time:  20:35 Web:
Country:  United Kingdom  City: Luton  State: Bedfordshire
Rating: Evil"  Judge: Judge Pearce  Court: Luton
Judge Pearce refused to accept evidence found were a consultant previously stated he had concerns then retracted this, if disclosed at the earlier trial the outcome could have been better for the mother. She dismissed this evidence as being too OLD ! . The judge covered UP Dereliction of duty by the LA at the time of the 9 year old being still under a supervision oder whilst in an unsuitable placement with the current carer. The judge went on to barr the mother on section 91/14 until 2010 on contact issues regarding a seriously ill child dealing with leukeamia. She was malicious in her manner and a tyrant

Shaun O\'Connell,     Dated:  01.05.08   Time:  22:16 Web: alliance4justice.eu
Country:  UK  City: Portsmouth  State: 
Rating: Evil"  Judge: Mr justice Sumner  Court: Court of Appeal
I was shocked to hear Mr. Justice Sumner in open Court say ‘at the heart of this was not the question whether an injustice had been done to him on one or more matters, at the heart of this was not, I am afraid, whether there was violence to him though I in no way underestimate the considerable importance that that could have in an appropriate case……what is quite apparent is that, whether they were injustices or were perceived as injustices they have become the focus of Mr. O’s attention….the difficulty with that is the reaction it has had on the children.’ Yet there was no such evidence or argument put to Court.

I was specifically asked when a four page letter from my daughter desperate for her father to contact her was received. I said, April last year, 2001. The judge then changed this date to 1999 in his judgement and he ignored my daughter’s very clear wishes and feelings.

Mr. Justice Sumner also said ‘If he is unable to separate his own intense feelings about the injustice to him and the poor care that this mother gives, the children will not have a proper relationship with their mother if there is the risk that her standing with them will be undermined.’ well done to them

Colin Peters,     Dated:  02.05.08   Time:  09:52 Web: colinpetersbd40bh.tripod.com
Country:  England  City: Bradford  State: West Yorkshire
Rating: Evil"  Judge: Arthur Hutchinson  Court: Bradford
In my summing up as a Litigant In Person, I made it absolutely clear to this judge that my opponent, Bottomley, had given evidence which was different to, and conflicted with, his pleaded case which had remained constant in his Defence and Counterclaim document, for the previous five years, and which had been authored by his barrister, John Walford.
I had approached the court ready and able to defeat the pleaded case only to be met by a completely different story of contract and inducements to contract.
Made aware of all this, judge Arthur Hutchinson ruled upon the new version of contract and inducements to contract.
Not only this, but, immediately before the giving of his judgement, judge Hutchinson was informed by a replacement barrister for Bottomley, Andrew Thompson, instead of John Walford, that Bottomley conceded the counterclaim in respect of materials that he had claimed to having supplied towards the works.
This was proof beyond reasonable doubt that Bottomley had lied to the court and committed the criminal offence of perjury, and yet judge Hutchinson simply waived it aside and ruled in Bottomleys favour on the contract only.
He ruled in favour of a fraudster who he knew beyond any doubt at all had committed perjury in his court.

Colin Peters,     Dated:  02.05.08   Time:  10:20 Web: colinpetersbd40jh.tripod.com
Country:  England  City: Bradford  State: West Yorkshire
Rating: Evil"  Judge: John Walford  Court: Bradford
Now a judge in Tyne Tees, John Walford, was the barrister who stood by and allowed Bottomley to put a pack of lies to the court which were different to, and conflicted with, the pack of lies which he had drawn up as the \'pleaded case\' in the Defence and Counterclaim document 5 years earlier.
I later complained about his conduct to the Bar Council and he responded to them by agreeing that there were \'inconsistencies\'(instead of deceptions) in Bottomleys evidence, but Bottomley had given him explanations for these \'inconsistencies\' which he could not remember.
John Walford is a leading light in the Anglican church in Bradford, he being the chancellor to the diocese.
I ask you John Walford, as a professed Christian, how do you qualify/excuse what you did to me and the family that I once had for the sake of Mammon/

Colin Peters,     Dated:  02.05.08   Time:  10:42 Web: colinpeterbd40jh.tripod.com
Country:  England  City: Bradford  State: West Yorkshire
Rating: irrelevant"  Judge: John Bullimore  Court: Wakefield
I approached judge John Bullimore in a church in Bradford. I offered him a bundle of documents which featured the facts concerning the injustice which I had suffered and told him that I believed the legal system was of the devil and asked him for help.
He looked deeply into my eyes as if to ascertain my mental stabilty or otherwise, and then took the documents and told me that he would have a look at them.
A little while later, in a handwritten letter he told me that he would look at them over the Easter period, but to hold out no hope.
Come the Easter period he sent me a long typewritten letter wherein he finished up by telling me that in the light of my own experiences he would try and be careful with his judgements.
I might be wrong, but I believe that John Bullimore would be a good man but for the \'system\' that provides him is livelihood at the price of nurturing the \'system\'. Don\'t make waves!!!

Colin Peters,     Dated:  02.05.08   Time:  10:58 Web: colinpetersbd40jh.tripod.com
Country:  England  City: Bradford  State: West Yorkshire
Rating: Saint"  Judge: Registrar Adams  Court: Court of Appeal London
No lawyer would take on my case and, alone, I appealled to the court of appeal in London.
The barrister, Andrew Thompson was sent to oppose me and Registrar Adams made it very clear that he was not happy about the situation.
He told me to be quiet and listen and make notes whilst he addressed the barrister.
He tore Boittomleys case to pieces, telling the barrister that his claim of contract was, \"Madness. Madness.\"
Registrar Adams left Andrew Thompson speechless, his mouth opening and closing and nothing coming out. Pure brilliance!! There are good guys within the system

Colin Peters,     Dated:  02.05.08   Time:  11:13 Web: colinpetersbd40jh.tripod.com
Country:  England  City: Bradford  State: West Yorkshire
Rating: Saint"  Judge: Justice Dillon and Justice Evans  Court: Court of Appeal, London
Against all the odds, Registrar Adams allowed me through to the court of appeal in London.
As a Litigant in Person I came up against Justice Dillon and Justice Evans and hit a blank wall.
I spent one hour and 20 minutes going through the documentation and proving over and over again how the evidence accepted by, and ruled upon by the lower court judge was in conflict with the original pleaded case.
Two different stories from the same person could not possibly be true!!!
The two judges ruled that their lower court brother judge had been \"right on the evidence\"

Colin peters,     Dated:  02.05.08   Time:  11:29 Web: colinpetersbd40jh.tripod.com
Country:  England  City: Bradford  State: West Yorkshire
Rating: Evil"  Judge: John Cockcroft  Court: Bradford
3 years ago I appeared before judge John Cockcroft with an application to have the judgement of Arthur Hutchinson set aside on the grounds that it had been obtained by fraud.
The court transcripts show that John Cockcroft was hostile towards me and that he misrepresented some of my claims to the Bottomleys.
He dismissed my claim on a nonsense, and his summing up of the case was so bad that several of my supporters who had turned up from around the country walked out in disgust, and this occurence is reflected in the transcript.
The last words spoken in court, on the transcript, are my own, and these are, \"The crooks win again.\"
These words include the Bottomleys and all those corrupt lawyers who helped them to rob myself of everything that I once had.
I worked very hard for 5 months and got nothing.
Bottomley lied for 5 years ang got everything for nothing.
Is this justice???

Shaun O\'Connell,     Dated:  03.05.08   Time:  00:45 Web: www.alliance4justice.eu
Country:  UK  City: Liverpool  State: 
Rating: Evil"  Judge: HHJ Hodge  Court: High Court
HHJ Hodge in open court described the first defendant as pleading undue influence with a story that even the Judge acceded was unique, with features which are quite incredible and a story including the ‘school,’ MI5, the ‘other side,’ security services, military intelligence and the protection afforded to the first defendant by the first claimant. The Judge himself variously described the story as ‘crazy though aspects of it are,’ ‘in the grip of conspiracy theories involving the masons and a corrupt judiciary,’ ‘certainly is a very suspicious but also highly suggestible individual who is prone to paranoid delusions,’ and ‘sometimes slow of both understanding and expression’ and during the course of the hearing described the first defendant as crazy, paranoid, peculiar personality and suffering from paranoid delusions and in his Judgment stated that ‘to judge him by the standards of pure reason is to apply an entirely inappropriate measure to the man.’ Amazingly the first defendant won the case, the second defendant lost his claim but the Applicants had to pay both of their costs!! Justice?

Shaun O\'Connell,     Dated:  04.05.08   Time:  19:17 Web: www.alliance4justice.eu
Country:  UK  City: Cambridge  State: 
Rating: Evil"  Judge: HHJ Plumstead  Court: Circuit Judge
The Judge sitting stated in Judgement ‘And it has been pointed out to me that at the end of the 2005 year he said ‘’Are you worried about anything?’’ and he said this: ‘’being expelled for getting into fights, not seeing my mum.’’ And that is a clear indication that he was very upset and confused child and that he was upset at not seeing his mother, and this is a recurrent theme in this case and it is one of the most puzzling and most difficult things to deal with. It has clearly been the case and neither the father nor the Local Authority nor Dr. Dennehay have ever sought to persuade me otherwise than these children do express the view that they want to see their mother and indeed to see more of her and this is particularly acute with F. What one does with that is the difficult question I have to approach.’ The solution was an order for no direct contact and a two year section 91(14) order.

clare,     Dated:  05.05.08   Time:  00:03 Web:
Country:  england  City: liverpool  State: 
Rating: Evil"  Judge: judge Duncan  Court: 
This judge is pure evil! He is a old fossil who should have retired years ago\" he has no compassion for children in family court procedings,One nast piece of work,Old bastrd coffin doger, his attitude about the mothers is one of pure hatred he is barbaric, He loves to see the mothers cry in court then likes to tell them to shut up and stop! horrible nasty robot he is he should have retired years ag

Young,     Dated:  05.05.08   Time:  09:44 Web: www.stopinjusticenow.com
Country:  England  City: Birmingham  State: Birmingham
Rating: Evil"  Judge: Judge McFarlane  Court: Family Judge
Ordered 10 police to remove 3 children from thier mothers arms, the kids were screaming to be left with her, they were holding her but the police ripped them off, just to be put in care, no chargers of abuse or neglect on the mother, just the judge did not like the mothers attitude of challenging the LA social worke

Shaun O\'Connell ,     Dated:  05.05.08   Time:  20:11 Web: www.alliance4justice.eu
Country:  UK  City: Portsmouth  State: 
Rating: Evil"  Judge: Lord Justice Scott Baker  Court: Court of Appeal
Had a minor heart attack when the litigant asked if a bench memorandum had been prepared. He happily put his hand on it and said yes one had been prepared. The bench meorandum is an advisory opinion written by the case lawyer which gives reasons for or against permission to Appeal. Case now before the European Court of Human Rights as he refused to disclose the bench memorandum despite requesting with ECtHR case law that if requested must be disclosed

Shaun O\'Connell,     Dated:  11.05.08   Time:  19:45 Web: alliance4justice.eu
Country:  UK  City: Portsmouth  State: 
Rating: irrelevant"  Judge: Lord Justice Ward  Court: Court of Appeal
Unusually I have to criticise a decison he made as recently as 7th May 2008 refusing permission to file Appeal out of time. He argued that two months late is way too long yet ignored the mother\'s pleas that she was not legally trained, her soliciotrs took time to release the file and she had been very stressed by the experience of two weeks at Her Majesty\'s pleasure. what displeased me the most was that he stated appeals can be lodged without copy of the order (untrue Court office bluntly refuse to accept an Appeal without copy of the order) and that committal proceedings arising from breaches of civiol injunction are not criminal matters (Oh yes they are for the purposes of the European Convention on Human Rights and article 6 of the Human Rights Act 1998). However, some crumbs from the hearing are that the Judgement is to be sent to the Governor of Peterborough Prison for an investigation into helping people in prison make appeals and he criticised both the judge and the mother\'s barrister for arguing permission to Appeal at the end of the hearing when as we argued in Court permission is not needed as it is an Appeal of right

Mr. R.R. Chauhan,     Dated:  13.05.08   Time:  01:23 Web: www.ukcorruption.eu
Country:  United Kingdom  City: Bournemouth  State: Hampshire
Rating: irrelevant"  Judge: HHJ Meston QC  Court: Bournemouth
Ignored and covered up for the multiple abuses of Law carried out under his remit of responsibility and under the false guise of the \"secret\" family courts - Salisbury and Southampton judges DJ Murphy (worst), DJ Naylor, DJ Field and LJ Wall. Matter then covered up at a farsicle full hearing at the Court Of Appeal by LJ Scott-Baker who simply like a puppet read out a pre-prepared Bench Memorandum (breach art6 HRA(1998)) without bearing the facts of the case. Full documentary evidence (including transcripts) is available for an INDEPENDENT (open to press scrutiny) analysis of wrongdoings. To all others reading this message please sign the petition to the United Nations for our children at http://www.un1503petition.com and bring the wrongdoers to account

Mr. R.R. Chauhan,     Dated:  13.05.08   Time:  02:04 Web: www.un1503petition.com
Country:  UNITED KINGDOM  City: Southampton  State: Hampshire
Rating: Evil"  Judge: Recorder N. J. Murphy  Court: Salisbury County Court
Manufactured what can be best described as a child abuse scam engineered by judges at Salisbury County Court... a hearing at less than 24hrs notice for the predicted removal of children so that the mother (who has an exceptionally wealthy and influential family) would not be in breach of Court Orders so she could execute her premeditated plan of relocation and financial gain with the blessing of the Court irrespective of the children\'s welfare and even without the production of a welfare report.

Judicial abusers of the Law and children include:- Recorder N.J. Murphy (at best a sincerely CORRUPT abusive and aggressive judge), HHJ Meston (disgraceful behaviour, Bournemouth), HHJ Field (says the right things then screws you by making ulterior Orders without his name on the Order to cover himself), HHJ Cutler (gives his blessing a hearing at less than 24hrs notice for the removal of the children - then all paperwork for this hearing that took place disappears - I still have the fees receipt).

CAFCASS abusers - sole interest and priority is that of the mother only. Children are just collateral damage to these child abusers. Key professional abusers and liars are Mr. Richard King-Li and Mrs Judith Kennard. See http://www.ukcorruption.eu for more and ongoing abuses.


Abuses by Salisbury Court include racial and breach of article 6 - upheld by Court Of Appeal - See para 2, 8, 12, 14, 16, 7, 10 & 18 of Re C, Neutral Citation Number: [2004] EWCA Civ 512.


Shaun O\'Connell,     Dated:  01.06.08   Time:  20:18 Web: www.alliance4justice.eu
Country:  UK  City: Portsmouth  State: 
Rating: irrelevant"  Judge: Lord Justice Sedley  Court: Court of Appeal
The grounds give for refusal of permission to Appeal were;

1 I agree with practically everything in your grounds. So did the Judge. But the disclosure order, and the CSA\'s defiance of it, was relevant to the substance of your appeal only to the extent that disclosure was capable of casting any light on the computation.

2 As it transpired, the computation was a matter of simple arithmetic not requiring any background documents from the CSA Hence the outcome of your appeal and the failure of your application for judicial review of it.

3. I nevertheless share your and the judge\'s concern at the conduct of the CSA I am also concerned at the unnecessary use of a disclosure order in the first place. But once it was made, it had to be either varied or set aside if it was not to be obeyed. Since the judge\'s declaration can by itself have no concrete effect, I am directing that her judgment be sent to Her Majesty\'s Attorney General so that she may consider what needs to be done to secure observance by a statutory agency of the fundamental obligation to respect the law.

So Lord Justice Sedley agreed with the grounds generally, saw the matter as so important to refer it to the Attorney General and yet refused permission to Appeal on paper. How absurd!

Ms. Ann Payne ,     Dated:  11.06.08   Time:  09:58 Web: www.freewebs.com/mums-house
Country:  Ireland   City: Dublin   State: Meath
Rating: Saint"  Judge: John Brophy Retired   Court: District 10 Trim
I found now Retired Judge Brophy since 9th May 2008 a very Fair and Descent Person with in Family Law cases and Open Court , he seemed to want Transparency out of the Family District Court of Law , as he seen Health Board Solicitor Ms. Helen McGovern crucify innocent Parents to meet govern Targets in favour of her Clients and Friend`s , however she was no exception to this Members of Police were also Involved because of Relative Foster Carrier . I know this First Hand as I have been the recipitant of their Abuse , I will be Granting Judge Brophy his wish very shortly and holding those accountable for the abuse of my Children and I.

Jimmy Craven ,     Dated:  11.06.08   Time:  10:26 Web: www.4lmec.com
Country:  Ireland   City: Dublin   State: Meath
Rating: irrelevant"  Judge: Tom Fithspatrick   Court: District 10 Trim
I don`t know much about Judge Tom Fitzpatrick so what I would say about him would be irrelevant however I would agree with the comments regarding Judge Brophy, I did find him a very Fair Person with in Family Courts and out side of it , I found Health Services Solicitors pulling \" Trials by Ambush\" on Parents allowing individuals to Perjure them selves , to get the result they wanted for their Clients , resulting in the depletion of Family life through concurrent Faults , because of Personal Data been leaked out of the Family Courts in which are in Camera . Solicitors acting on Behalf of Parents and Cohersing with the HSE Solicitor , the end result been Professional Losers . File given by Parents to their Solicitor , with their Personal Data and that of their Children never been returned to them , last Minuted information been handed to a Solcicitor who is representing Parents , by a HSE Solic: in which the Solicitor involved cant build up a Defince with out a Consultation with their Clients .

Any Judge is as only as good , as the Evidence that is produced in Front of them , yes I would agreee of Blowing away the Cobwebs out of the Family Courts and letting the Sun Shaine Shine in and give Transparency into the Open Courts , I also agree that if a Decision of a Judge is on Fair , that should be held accountable for that decision , however bearing in mind of the Evidence that is produced in Front of them , Dealing with Social Services in Ireland always make a Data Protection to them , and to the Police , known in Ireland as GARDA , you should also make a Data Protection Request to the Garda Vetting Unit , Garda Criminal Records Office , Racecourse Road , Thurles , Co. Tippeary , I trust that this Information may be of Help to someone .

Please look up my Website

Lilith Barrett,     Dated:  11.06.08   Time:  18:46 Web:
Country:  Ireland  City: Trim  State: Meath
Rating: irrelevant"  Judge: Judge John Brophy  Court: Trim
I found this judge to be very understanding at first.

However, when Social Worker Ray Parkinson perjured himself in court and it was proven in 3 different ways- leaving no doubt in the mind of a judge- Judge Brophy did nothing and allowed the HSE off free.

This produced the \"greatest miscarriage of justice Ireland has seen in family law\"

These are the words of my solicitor at the time, who could hardly believe what happened.

The HSE solicitor Ms McGovern is not interested in justice, but in gaining as many children as possible for the HSE- to keep their money making scam going.

So the social worker was right when he said- that Judge Brophy was the HSE RUBBERSTAMP- and that they tell him what to do.

The social worker slips in to see the judge personally before court and the deal is done.

My case proved this to be 100% true.

I am glad Judge Brophy is retired, but the question now is- Is Judge Fitzpatrick a rubber stamp judge too??

Only time will tell.

Many judges have given away their power to HSE for various reasons.

It makes their life easy- by accepting all that crooked social workers write and say.

If the family courts were open to the public, then there would not be as many miscarriages of justice.

Law and Justice are not the same.

But HSE make up the laws to suit themselves.

All involved need to be made accountable to US- The Service Users- who pay the salaries of these servants of ours

Robert Duvall,     Dated:  15.06.08   Time:  22:34 Web:
Country:  Bucks- South East  City: Milton Keynes  State: 
Rating: Evil"  Judge: Connor DL  Court: 
What an evil bastard he is!! He is by far thw worst circuit judge I have ever
had the misfortune of meeting. He has no care for children and fathers. He cherry
picks evidence as if it was hanging of trees, blatantly anti-father and ignored all
Expert Witness evidence from father put before him

Robert Duvall,     Dated:  15.06.08   Time:  22:39 Web:
Country:  United Kingdom  City: Milton Keynes  State: 
Rating: Evil"  Judge: Altman  Court: Family

What a fuck! What an evil jewish prick this man his .. He was seen commiting open fraud in court
and later seen visiting a brothel in central milton keynes.